How to give ode to Autumn

Fall is said to be officially here but it is still lurking somewhere  around the corner of a hot and humid September. The leaves are still mischievously green for the much awaited fall foliage trips. I hope they turn into glorious yellows, reds and purples before I can not take it anymore and throw a fit.

Yes. I am dramatic like that, but only for this favourite season of mine.

Transitions- Beginning of fall


So what are my grand plans, you ask?

Oh….there are sooooo many!

Let’s begin, shall we?

My neighbourhood trees are prettier than yours.



I am dying to go to a beautiful upstate New York orchard, with crisp freshness in air, sweet scents of harvest, a basket in hand, a new wide-brimmed hat on my head and pick some fresh apples, right from the trees.  I will then go to the winery, pick some local apple cider and do some intense baking sessions featuring

*drum roll*



Photo credit:


I have narrowed down my list to a few orchards and family farms in NY.


Oh! The mere thought of it makes me think of vintage Hollywood! Riding on equestrian beasts down the winding paths in glorious forests, aglow with yellows, purples and reds, the hooves making the forest alive with the crunchy noise of leaves. That slow pace of life and just breathing in the pine-scented air would rejuvenate me before the frigid New York winters bring in the blues and colds.

PEO 04 DS0003 01
Woman Riding Horse In Autumn Forest. Photography credits: Dale Spartas/KimballStock


State fairs are a great way to be festive when you are done contemplating life (by doing the above list). There is so much to do at the Big E!

Held in Springfield, Massachusetts, there are wine and cheese barns, animal shows, butter sculptures, interactive shows and competitions. It is going on till October 2nd.

Don’t miss it!

Photo- Google images


Picking the perfect pumpkin is no mean feat! That’s why the whole family can get together and find the ones that speak to each one of them. Also, playing hide and seek in corn mazes ought to be fun.

Photo courtesy- Google

Photo courtesy- Google


You can never go wrong with Lake George. They have year-round festivals and fun activities going on. This year alone, they are coming up with so many more for fall season.

1-Lake George Jazz Festival

2-Oktoberfest celebrating German/Austrian heritage

3-Balloon festival 

Aerial shot of hot air balloons during the Adirondack Balloon Festival in Glens Falls, NY. (Courtesy of


Seasonal décor is becoming an obsession for me, especially when it comes to fall. This year I tried not to overspend or hoard and reuse stuff from previous year. It also helps when friends gift you just what you had been drooling over- case in point, this cute Hello Fall cushion. Also, HomeGoods is always a great idea when it comes to doing home décor on a budget.

First day of Fall, 2016…yayee!
Takes a few pumpkins, candles and lights to get the mood festive for fall. Love this cushion! (gifted by my friend K, who shares the obsession for fall décor)

Autumn Equinox  officially launched today. Expect to be bombarded with more posts teeming with words like fall, autumn, pumpkins, hot cocoa and oh, fall décor!

The list is not exhaustive. There is loads more to do. I will post as the fall action unfolds.

Update: The weather gods listened. A lot of wind chill today which is good cuz it’s the frost that causes leaves to change color faster. Okbye.



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  1. shizaabbasi says:

    Good stuff! Sounds like a lot of fun! 🍂


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