Yesterday was a very chilly day, but it couldn’t stop me and A from doing our favourite activity of the season-fall tracking.

It wasn’t exactly a great day to be out as it was an overcast day and the beautiful colors were not fully being done justice to, but that’s the thing about fall colors, they were spectacular nevertheless. Speaking of spectacular, we actually went to a small town in Adirondacks called Spectacular! It is situated near Lake Pleasant. There is a beautiful public park at Lake Pleasant that screams “come, have a picnic here”.

I will let the pictures do the talking.


Lake Pleasant Park
I wish the sun was out to capture the exact gorgeous colors.
Pink and red maple trees bring out the real character of fall. They are found more commonly in New England area, hence the dramatic fall foliage in that region.
Fall and the fallen
Lake Pleasant being very pleasant.
I can drive here forever!
Maple leaf mosaic


I wish we could have October all year round…


*All pictures are property of annelikestotravel unless otherwise specified*


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  1. shizaabbasi says:

    Love love love the pictures! ❤


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