I-87 Shenanigans

Last weekend blessed us with some great weather conditions. A wanted to go up north on I-87 in the Adirondacks and I wanted to see the Catskill region which is towards south on I-87. So, we compromised and explored both ! This post will cover the trip to the

*drum roll*


The Catskill region is gorgeous! I had heard about it being a favorite of New Yorkers especially the NY city folks but it surpassed my expectations and then some more. Miles and miles of mountains immersed in fall colors, waterfalls, scenic routes- it was a perfect treat for the eyes.


We also decided to take the historical Catskill train ride. The choo-choo train ride was 14 dollars per person and takes you through the woods,  finishing with a fifteen minute break at the Phoenicia station and back. To be honest, it was a little underwhelming for us. We were expecting a longer distance and a ride through the mountains and rivers. The ride itself was barely half an hour long yet consumed almost three hours in waiting time. It certainly is very popular with many people especially those with kids.  Overall, it was a cute, little adventure but left us wanting for more.



After the train ride, we took the scenic route through Lexington and back to Albany.

Lexington’s scenic route


I will talk about the trip up on I-87 in my next post.



*All pictures are property of annelikestotravel unless otherwise specified*


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